About us

Oenotrian Wine Advisory was established in 2014 and it currently operates out of Istanbul, Turkey. The two founding partners are:

Turgut Tokgoz dipWSET


Turgut Tokgoz has had a distinguished and senior career for nearly 30 years in investment banking and NGO management.


His life-long passion for wine led him to attain the WSET Diploma and the CMS Introductory Sommelier and the WSG Rhone Master Level Certificates. He is also a WSET certified wine and spirits educator and holds a Certified Sake Sommelier Certificate from the Sake Sommelier Association. He serves as the founding President of the Turkish Society of Wine Experts and Educators.

He is currently a student at the Institute of Masters of Wine and judges at the International Wine Challenge and International Wine & Spirits Competition.

He is a longstanding member of Friends of Wine Association as well as the Istanbul Wine Tasting Society.

Agostina Da Cunha



If the earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital. – Napoleon Bonaparte

A true nomad born in the Argentinean pampas, Agostina lived in all 5 continents before she settled down in Istanbul. After studying for diplomacy and completing an MBA, she spent the last 12 years managing a publishing house that helps countries develop successful branding campaigns to attract industry-specific investments.

As a true Argentinean, wine has always been on the table for her. Today she is WSET Level 3 Wines & Spirits Certified and is determined to pour her communications, marketing and traveling passion to bring out the wine-lover in you. She also holds a Certified Sake Sommelier Certificate from the Sake Sommelier Association.