Studying online for a WSET qualification

Oenotrian Wine School offers students the opportunity to use WSET’s custom-designed WSET Online Classroom managed by WSET’s digital learning team.

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How does the WSET Online Classroom work?

Please note that WSET Online Classroom courses are only offered in English.

Each course has a set start and finish date, with clear guidelines on progression, however there are no fixed times to log-on as there is no “live” delivery of content. Students can complete their learning at times that suit them.

Students will learn through a range of independent and/or group activities supported by videos and quizzes, designed to achieve the required learning outcomes to prepare for the examination.

Throughout the course, students will have access to a subject-specialist educator who’ll provide feedback on any assigned exercises and respond to course-related queries.

Students will retain access to the course materials for a year after the course concludes.

Courses available on the Online Classroom

For more details and a taster of what to expect from WSET’s online classroom, click here


While WSET online courses are a great option for many, it is important to be aware of the following requirements:

  • For qualifications at level 3 and above students will need to attend a tasting technique workshop to support their online learning.
  • Samples are not usually included in the cost of an online course

Get started

Once you’ve decided which course you want to study get in touch via to find out upcoming course schedule and full information for these programs.

Wine and Spirit Education Trust courses provide globally recognised qualifications which are suitable for both wine industry professionals and wine enthusiasts. As a WSET Approved Programme Provider (APP) Oenotrian Wine School has been certified to offer these qualification all across Turkey.

Program details as provided by WSET‘s website.

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